Our Story

I’m so glad that you’ve arrived, and now that you’re here I want to share with you a little story about what led me to create this brand, that I'm convinced will change…your . . . life.  

Back when I was as little as 13 years old I was chemically
straightening my hair using box perm relaxers that contained extremely harmful ingredients! I also hid my hair away under extensions for many years that
followed. After becoming a TV presenter in my mid 20s I had this belief that it was an unspoken rule to wear my hair “long” and “straight” particularly on camera, and sadly I never got to know my own fabulous curls that I now so dearly love!


My 20s was also a decade that saw me diagnosed with
endometriosis, and by my early 30’s, around the time that I worked as a host on the Xtra Factor, I had not only a breast lump removed but also a large fibroid which was the size of a grapefruit. It was then that I went on a mission to clean up my life and in particular my hair and beauty products as I started to learn that the ingredients in toxic personal care products, which fill our shop shelves can be harmful to your future health and have been proven to wreak havoc with your hormones.


Fast forward to the 2020 lockdown when all the salons were closed and I finally went on a journey to embrace my natural curls. I was also pregnant so I set about looking
for the cleanest products that I could find. However mostly what I discovered was “clean” products were ineffective OR  high performing products which were just as
high in toxins. After my babies Summer and Bonnie were born, I knew I wanted to create a different narrative than what I’d grown up with.  Products that would bring out the best in curly and textured hair, promoting pride in our God given blessings but formulated in a way that were safer than what was on the market, whilst being highly effective.


And ta daaaa : clean curls was born.

Today, I’m in love with my curls and the best part is I get to use products that also give me the peace of mind that I’m keeping myself ... and my family as safe as possible and now, I can't wait for you to join the family and use them too!

So go forth, love your hair, nourish it, and stay safe while doing it!

And remember, do something today that your future self will thank you for!

Sending positive vibes, and Clean Curls

Lots of Love,

Sarah-Jane Crawford