How to have a non-toxic New Year!

How to have a non-toxic New Year!

Whenever you get the time, there’s no better feeling than going through your beauty cabinet or bathroom shelves, disposing of all the products that are out of date, you’ve lost the lid for, or have run out especially when you do it in time for the New Year!

But how about considering a different system to dispose of your products, which includes…(stay with us on this one) throwing away products that may NOT be out of date, AND are still very much full! "What, WHY?" I hear you exclaim… well because they have ingredients that could be harming your long term health!

In fact, if you decided that 2024 was the year you made it commitment to your long-term health by “doing something today that your future self would thank you for” what that might that look like?
It could be downloading a product appraisal app (you know one of those ones that tell you how clean or dirty a product is) and using your phone to scan everything you own to see whether it’s worthy of being on your hair or on your skin 

How about trying the free product and food appraisal app Yuka with the 🥕symbol… yeah that’s the one… then simply scan the barcode of any product in your home and see how it’s scores.
As a general rule if it’s “good” or “excellent”, keep the haircare or beauty product.
If it scores “poor” or worse still “bad”, in the bin liner it goes.
I will leave you to decide whether that also means saying goodbye to any goodies that you’ve received as a Christmas present! ( currently ducking as I write this)

Or if that feels a bit harsh, perhaps make a mental note of the ones that don’t score well, use them up and never repurchase, and share with your family and friends, the products that you’d like them to avoid for future gifts. Or, or better, still point them in the direction of the ones you wish to embrace!

On that note our entire Clean Curls range scores as excellent on Yuka so with us you can have peace of mind, and know that you’re doing something today your future self or thank you for.

Wishing you a happy, non-toxic New Year!

And a healthy products score for 2024!